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VaxYes Offers HIPAA Compliant Platform to Digitize Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card

VaxYes Offers HIPAA Compliant Platform to Digitize Your COVID-19 Vaccination Card

| June 16, 2021
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You’ve seen the influx of social media snaps with people posing proudly with their COVID-19 vaccination cards. Unfortunately, our vaccination cards weren’t meant for the long haul of being carried around and shown off for weeks, months, and years into the future.

Thank goodness it’s 2021 and technology allows for us to keep up with all our important documents digitally.

VaxYes has created a platform to digitize your COVID-19 vaccination card. In 3 easy steps you can get a secure, digital vaccine record that you can use for travel, live shows, and employers or anywhere that vaccination is encouraged or required.

Accessing your digital vaccine certificate is easy. Here's how:

  1. Enter your phone number
  2. Upload a picture of your vaccine card.
  3. Receive your  verified digital vaccination certificate

VaxYes is a HIPAA compliant, secure, & encrypted vaccine validation process so that you will have your vaccination card with you wherever you have your phone.

VaxYes issues digital vaccine certificates with 4 levels of verification:

  1. Personal Identification They confirm and validate the identity of the person submitting the vaccine card to make sure they are the right person receiving the digital vaccine certificate.
  2. Information Verification They verify the information presented in your vaccine card and your personal identification.
  3. Image Verification They use Artificial Intelligence and trained medical professionals to verify the validity of the vaccine card photo submitted.
  4. State-Level Record Validation They use state immunization records to verify the information entered into VaxYes.

VaxYes is a free and secure way to make sure you’re ready whenever vaccination is required to enjoy your favorite things. Present your digital certificate as needed, anywhere. You can use your digital vaccine certificate to present for travel, concerts, restaurants, or any place requesting proof of vaccination. You’ve gotten the shot. Now get back to the people and things you love.

Create your free vaccine identification card here.

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