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Tips to Host a Safe Thanksgiving

| November 19, 2020

It’s the holiday season! Everyone always looks forward to gathering around the dinner table with loved ones to spend time together. This year will look a little different with COVID-19 looming over us.  Read on to learn tips on hosting a safe, socially distant Thanksgiving.

All right, everyone say it with me: this year has been… unprecedented!  The holiday season will be no different.  We cannot cancel the holidays, but we can adapt our plans to keep our loved ones safe and healthy.  Below are five easy tips you can follow to host a safe Thanksgiving!

  1. Plan. Plan.

It is essential to talk to family and friends about precautions that need to be taken before gathering.  Do you wear a mask when not eating? Do you need to get tested? What about your seasonal allergies or lingering cough?  All these concerns need to be addressed before attempting to gather.  We must do our part to keep people safe and healthy.

  1. Host a virtual dinner.

This seems to be the obvious plan for those who have family out of town, but this is a great solution for everyone!  Even if you have family in town, consider hosting a Zoom party to talk and catch up while staying in your home.  Bonus tip: Zoom is lifting its 40-minute meeting limit on Thanksgiving Day! Maybe spare family from having to watch you chow-down on the turkey and save the Zoom for dessert and coffee. 😊

  1. Take your meal outdoors.

Another simple solution that does not cost anything! Set up your back porch, front yard, or driveway to have a socially distant table! I am always cold by nature, so heaters will be essential for people like me.  Tell guests to bundle up and bring a blanket!  My family will be dinning alfresco this year! If this is not possible, remember to keep your indoor area spaced apart and well-ventilated. 

  1. Send or hand-deliver a sweet treat.

If you have family and friends that you won’t be seeing for the special day, consider sending them a sweet treat in the mail!  Big name shops will deliver across the United States but supporting a local shop and delivering treats to neighbors is such a great way to say, “I’m thankful for you”.  Try to maintain distance when delivering.

  1. Keep it short and sweet.

My family Thanksgiving usually lasts from 11:30 AM to 6 or 7 PM.  We have appetizers, drinks, food, dessert, and games! To help stop the spread of COVID, limit the time that you are in close quarters with everyone.  Encourage virtual game play that won’t involve touching the same cards and game pieces. 

I hope you all find these tips useful! Consider this a trial run for Christmas. During this season of gratitude, remember to be thankful for the health of those you love and our technology to keep us connected.