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The Mask Routine

| December 21, 2020

As of today, we are waiting on the emergency approval for the Moderna vaccine and it cannot come soon enough. For many GrandView clients, they will receive vaccines early 2021. Bob and Larry are looking forward to theirs. For the rest of us at GrandView, we will be wearing masks well into 2021 until it is our turn.

 I’ve gotten into a pretty good routine with my masks and though I’d share. We all need a reminder to keep our guard up – it’s getting pretty bad again.



I keep clean masks hanging up by my back door and extra disposable masks in my bag and glove compartment.



When I’m leaving, I grab a couple of clean masks. For my masks with the insert fold, I use the PM2.5 filters or take a paper towel to put in the fold.



When I remove my mask and done for the day, I put it in the door of my car and then use hand sanitizer. If I go multiple places, I will use multiple masks.



Our washing machine is at the back door, so I throw my mask in a laundry bag each day and go wash my hands.


It looks like I’ll be doing this for a while. According to this fun tool, I am 287.7 millionth in line for the vaccine.

 Time to order some new masks 😊

I hope everyone stays safe out there - have Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!