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Keep a Positive Outlook

| March 30, 2020

It is rather impossible to ignore the crazy, unprecedented crisis that our world is facing. Some people are worried, stressed and concerned about the unknown (me!!!) and some people are in denial about the pandemic our nation is facing. I truly never thought I would ever see something so eye-opening. I have been in quarantine for a little over a week now… and it really has me thinking: there must be light at the end of this tunnel. Aside from the shocking, heartbreaking and sad news in the media concerning COVID-19, I am here to hopefully brighten your day and bring you a bit of encouragement. 

I try my best to always be a positive person, even when my stress and anxiety levels feel high. With a little more time on my hands to really reflect on this crisis, I truly believe God has a lesson to teach us all from each facet of this crisis. I thought it would only be fitting to write a blog about just a few of the positive things I believe are to come when the disarray of COVID-19 finally ceases.

1. We will be more grateful for each new day - We get so caught up in our everyday lives: wake up, go to work, come home, cook dinner, do household tasks, prepare for the next day, and then do it all over again - Getting in the routine of this will make us sometimes forget that tomorrow is never promised. Waking up each day, breathing and being healthy is truly a gift. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and look for the purpose in each day. Whether it is a great accomplishment, a set-back, or a lesson learned, we need to be a little more grateful for each new day. 

2. We as individuals need to be more selfless - This seems simple: yet, some people don’t understand. A huge responsibility came with COVID-19 – social distancing. Social distancing is being put in place to stop the spread of the disease. Some people don’t understand that even though they do not show symptoms from the disease, they can still be a host and pass it to others. God’s lesson from this – love thy neighbor. When we come out of all this, I am hopeful that as a nation will be kinder to one another, help each other and be thankful for each handshake and each interaction, and for the small things in life that we previously have taken for granted.

3. We need to pay attention to our bodies better – As COVID-19 sweeps through our world we are being told to “pay attention to our symptoms” and “don’t go around others if you feel sick” – my thoughts: “Well, aren’t we supposed to do this all the time?” It has me thinking that most individuals don’t actually give their mind and their bodies enough attention. Self-care is so important. We should always pay attention to our symptoms and if we are sick: don’t go into the office that day, to the gym or go to the grocery store because passing a cold along to a co-worker or neighbor isn’t necessary if you can prevent it.

4. Learn to accept unanticipated changes – A lot of change has taken place since this pandemic started: appointments getting moved, daily activities changed, Birthday parties/Wedding Showers/Baby showers/Weddings being cancelled and postponed. I am a senior at UAB: my graduation was supposed to be May 2nd – that has now been cancelled and this experience has been taken away from the class of 2020. Of course I want to be mad and try to convince UAB to change their minds and I’ve been angry about it for a few days but God has a lesson for me – and for all others experiencing these big changes: God has a plan and we cannot question is plan. He is teaching us that our accomplishments (my academic career) are the real trophy – not walking across the stage. He is teaching Bride and Grooms across the world that their love is more important than the wedding itself. He is teaching us that webcams/facetimes/and Zoom meetings are just temporary, and he is preparing us for the light at the end of the tunnel that we are so anticipating.

5. Grow stronger in your faith – Lastly, I am hopeful that everyone - no matter your religion, race, gender, health conditions – will grow stronger in your faith of a higher power. I believe God knew this was coming well before we all knew – and his plan all along is to allow us to learn and grow from it, creating a much stronger nation in the end. 

I hope you all enjoy the positive side of things and anticipate the light at the end of the tunnel just as I do.

Now you can find me here, in my little homemade work-space until quarantine is over!