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Introducing ScheduleOnce

| October 08, 2020

Can you believe it is already October? A lot has happened this summer at GrandView Financial Group and we are so happy for the fall. If you have not read the blog ‘GrandView’s Bingo Card’, pause and do that here.  This entry will make more sense after you read it. 

As most of you read in our Q3 Newsletter, we are finally moved into our new home and working in the office again!  It has been great to be in the office and see everyone face to face.  While our team is back in the office, not all meetings are taking place in the office.  We want to continue to protect our team and our clients from any unnecessary risks (physically and financially, get it?).  GrandView is offering clients the option to meet in-person but still recommending meeting virtually.  With new technology from LPL Financial, we can schedule all meetings digitally! 

The digital scheduling platform is called ScheduleOnce (OnceHub).  This platform is integrated with our calendars to give you real-time availability.  Once clients are given the link, they will see our calendar and pick the date and time that works best for their schedule.  This platform will automatically send a confirmation email with the details of the meeting and send a reminder the day before.  With this new technology, we hope to save time by eliminating the back and forth over email or phone.  Clients will be able to point, click, and schedule all in under 5 minutes! 

This platform has many uses and we hope to continue to expand it.  You can share this link with potential referrals or use it to schedule time with your advisor when you have lingering questions.  GrandView is so excited to be using ScheduleOnce and we hope that you will find it easy to use!  Be on the lookout for a link to schedule your upcoming meeting!